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H.P. was also called Robert Plant in the late 60's and early 70's before he started his carrer as the Singer of AC/DC, called Bon Scott. After a through-caroused night he disapeared for some years to return as a singer to Mother'sHip - Hyper, Hyper

Lord Martin

Firstly there was an idea ... he founded Mother'sHip and brought all the members together in 2008. Soon as they started the first rehearsals he became the leading manager of the band and booked the first most impressive shows.


MFKowiak's just as impressive and not-less exeptional guitar player than Jimmy Page. He has been one of the founding members of MothersHip. Since the late 70's he played in several famous bands where he firstly met Bon Scott ... the later singer of Mother'sHip.


Bonzo with lot more drums ... he inspected the band with the reincarnatiuon of Keith Moon's drumset. But after a time he found out the roots of Bonhams drum playing. Now he still combines both styles in one.

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Incredible flexible

MOTHER'S HIP was founded in spring 2008 by Lord Martin

The Lord always wanted to cover the music of one of his favorite bands and he was looking for the matching musicians for that project. With MFKowiak he had already found a guitar-player and H.P. had confirmed his coming after his contribute in a session-band. Only the drummer wasn't found. But the acquaintance to a guitar-player from a close band Lord Martin inspired in February 2008 also their drummer Boon for his project.

Fast - only after 3 rehearsals - the band developed a one-hour program. As opener for the "Rock & Bike" in Hünxe Mother's Hip presented the program first time to a larger community. The success competed that only one week later two more locations offered open mikes.

In the meantime the four musicians completed many gigs and they adopted numerous titles from different styles in addition to the Led Zeppelin program.

Beside the 2 ½-hour Led Zeppelin program the four musicians also have the opportunity to access a program for 2 ½-hour from other styles.



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CORONA time-out until at least October 31st 2020

18.12.2020 Buena Ressa Music-Club, Rees (


Further dates in preparation:

SCALA Kulturspielhaus/Wesel, Passmanns/Bottrop, Jungle-Club/Moers, Freilichtbühne/Mülheim, Südrock/ Essen, JOE's/Oer-Erkenschwick ...

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Mother'sHip on the 20th of december 2014. Some titels from the event "Angie & Friends" at Kulturspielhaus SCALA in Wesel.

Mother'sHip on the 15th october 2011 at the Yesterday in Rees.

Mother'sHip first gig in 2008 at the Rock & Bike in Hünxe.

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At the end of 2010, after an evening of endless screening of rehearsals and gigs Mother'sHips Promo-CD has been arranged.

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